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  • Wed, 12:14: http://t.co/LUd037Js8d Fluff Ice will be INSIDE the convention center? Maybe that's even better, it's always hot waiting outside?? LOL
  • Wed, 12:15: But now this means I have to figure out where Fluff Ice will be at LACC... *no sense of direction*
  • Wed, 12:27: RT @FluffIceTruck: @SplashTOMATO actually- there's 2 things happening! 1) you won't be able to miss us. 2) what if we told you it was spons…
  • Wed, 13:54: http://t.co/gxrYDB0G0j The sight of these particular trucks are probably the only time I can salivate just looking at vehicles #AX
  • Wed, 13:55: also pffft how it has the consistent anime-convention-going religious protestor picket sign in there LOL...
  • Wed, 14:32: looks like I need to update inapuzzle tonight~
  • Wed, 15:15: ​UFC Glitches, Narrated http://t.co/TrT7oH9MRc
  • Wed, 16:37: talking to a rep right now and they're saying the "extra charge" will not actually be charged unless "incidental charges" occur
  • Wed, 16:41: Maybe it refers to parking but that's on me and bf
  • Wed, 18:19: Reshiram. That is all
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