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  • Mon, 13:01: Pokemon sales updates continue~ http://t.co/vJE3q75Yop If you're going to AX & want me to bring it to save shipping I can
  • Mon, 14:42: RT @fuzzleyan: whenever Power of Senguuji plays that typically means "you're all screwed"
  • Mon, 14:51: scary size boxes coming in today :3c
  • Mon, 14:51: Ii ze, I need stuff to work off that maple syrup cookie, mochi, cookies people brought in for omiyage XD;
  • Mon, 15:10: ...are those additional hotel charges I see =_=;
  • Mon, 15:10: lol last time I hotel at a con at this rate
  • Mon, 15:43: RT @gmhuntr7: Started Gyakuten Kenji 2 by fan translators. Oh yeahhh, I forgot there was such a thing as logic chess. Amusing.
  • Mon, 15:51: oh right company lunch is tomorrow
  • Mon, 16:01: RT @AnimeExpo: Updated maps of the convention center, Exhibit Hall, &Entertainment Hall are now up! Click here to check them out → http://t…
  • Mon, 16:03: I don't think I need to get wool dusters peacebonded do I www
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