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  • Wed, 20:35: eat your fucking fiber
  • Wed, 21:52: USPS left me a could not deliver notice on my package because it was less than 20 pounds...??????...
  • Wed, 21:52: I know I work you guys out but I also give you a lot of business >_>;
  • Wed, 21:54: the slip literally says "too heavy" it was less than 20 poundsssss
  • Wed, 21:54: I was lugging around 40 pounds across the grocery store you weaklings
  • Thu, 00:43: This is srsly on my wishlist I just can't see myself buying it orz: a usps weight scale for mailing packages =w=
  • Thu, 01:15: colbert with soccer fever 8D
  • Thu, 04:01: Started playing gyakuten kenji 2 eng patch, see one big flaw already--text scrolls WAY too slowly
  • Thu, 04:03: Original game didn't let you speed read either but JP packs so much more meaning in each character that scrolls by
  • Thu, 04:04: Well at least that's only for the start of the game
  • Thu, 04:06: And also a common flaw with most English games, that's why record speedplays use the jp version :V
  • Thu, 04:09: Ugh Oh wait I remember now, you can't speed read through any of the new testimony etc either ugh ugh
  • Thu, 12:00: Cleaning heichou is going to get cleaning heichou nendo at AX kthx
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