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Permanent Pokemon Sales post

Feel free to combine with my Non-Pokemon sales!
~* Plush listings *~ | ~* Flats, Stickers listings *~ | ~* Re-ment, TOMY (Moncolle, Zukan, etc), Bandai, Kaiyodo, Kids, Stamps listings *~ | ~* Other Figures + Accessories *~
~* Claims listings *~ | ~* Pan Stickers *~ | ~* Collection sales *~

Last updated July 26, 2021
-Ew, PayPal rates increasing in August 2021. Quotes at that time will reflect the new rates, so get your orders in beforehand!
-Yes still open! I have USPS pick up packages from home and I'm home all the time now so I actually have more time, it's actually quite nice (from not having to commute 5 hours a day ugh). I've been updating my flats listings in particular but mostly catching up on years of lost sleep :)
-I need to update certain listings thanks to people helping clear out inventory, so that I can clean up the listings a bit! Queue: TOMY Moncolle
-I've finally put up my Collections page but it's pretty sparse atm XD; You're also welcome to bug me if you collect a particular guy and are curious if I have something of them for you :o
-After a few more sales updates and clearing out inventory, I will be slowly changing my focus to my flats/stickers, Pan Sticker shop and Claims only! Note I'll still always have things in my permanent sales post, but ideally my "stock" won't be anywhere as cluttered as it is now.
-I add free treats to packages randomly if weight permits (for example, international starting rate is good for up to 8 ounces)! Please let me know if you DO NOT want treats. They're still good even if they melt along the way!

Update queue (in no particular order):
-TOMY Moncolle, Retsuden, other stickers
-Other flats

- I was granted Sales Permission on 9/19/14 by entirelycliched. Feedback here. https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/24308490.html?thread=708939274#t708939274
- Contact/paypal: splash (at) pmsinfirm.org
- Minimum purchase before shipping is $5. I may not respond to your post at all if you do not make the minimum. I may lower this limit if I clear out enough stock. I may make exceptions, and some items are marked exempt from this rule, but priority goes foremost to those who make the minimum.
1.) item
2.) price
3.) image links (direct URLs from my LJ, not screenshots etc)
4.) your shipping location
for faster communication please! US buyers: include zip code. International: Include country, and zip code if in Canada (otherwise I will default to A1C 5M2 Newfoundland, most expensive rate).
Good example! | example 2
Even if you have ordered from me before, LET ME KNOW YOUR SHIPPING LOCATION. I don't remember people's locations! At the present time, if you don't include all 4 elements to your order, there MAY be massive delays to my response and I have the right to DISREGARD THE ORDER COMPLETELY regardless of commitment. I need the image URL for items because I have MANY items and organize things by image, so if I don't have image URL then I have no idea what you mean for many cases.
- This listing is NOT mobile-friendly! Make orders using a PC if you're having trouble following the order format on a mobile device. Using a mobile device is NOT an excuse to not use the proper order format. If for whatever reason you are not willing/able to order in my specified format, you will allow me to add on an additional $3 labor fee per every 10 items.
- Commitments take priority over quotes regardless of first come first serve, as long as they meet minimum purchase and follow the order format correctly. I don't accept commitments from users who have neutral/negative feedback about past commitments. In order to commit, you must be able to pay within 24 hours of receiving my quote. Backing out or paying late will result in negative feedback. International buyers must add this to their reply to commit or I will register it only as a quote: "I understand that international shipping STARTS at $11 for small items and $26 for larger items."
- Haggling/Discounts: I currently WILL NOT accept haggling IN ANY FORM due to personal time constraints. I WILL automatically apply a discount for you if you are 1) buying over $100 of items AND 2) buying 5+ items AND 3) buying items I have multiples of. The more you meet all 3 requirements, the more discount I will apply!
Additional Discounts:
- KIDS: Instant $10 off every $50 of Kids ordered! This means $20 off every $100 of Kids, etc! Stipulation that there is at least one item in the order for each discount that is $15 or more.
- PLUSH: Instant $5 off every 3 plush subtotaling $30+ ordered! Stipulation that each plush that is part of this discount is more than $10. This means $10 off 6 plush subtotaling $60+, $15 off 9 plush subtotaling $90+, etc!
Note: Any orders not made in the correct format indicated in these rules DO NOT qualify for discounts.
- Non-smoking home. All items are official authentic, NOT bootlegs unless CLEARLY MARKED.
- By DEFAULT I will flatten boxes on most MIB items to save you shipping costs (except for Moncolle and things of that nature). I can also remove packaging/pack light, but I will not discount the item itself as a result. Please let me know if DON'T want something flattened, as this will change the shipping quotation and likely cost more.
- No returns/refunds unless I sent the wrong item (which I hope never happens, but I'm willing to correct if it happens!).
- Note: MIB (Mint In Box), MIP (Mint In Plastic/Package), MWT (Mint With Tag), TTO (Tush Tag Only). ALL items are pre-owned--As such, there may be marks/rubs/imperfections. I try to note anything horrendous, but communicate about specific condition before purchasing if you're concerned as I don't have time/wordspace to note every detail in these listings.
- Due to past negative experiences leading to blacklists, I will ONLY take additional pictures for users who have successfully bought from me, or provide positive purchasing feedback from other sellers (ie. link to feedback page), or I can recognize that you are a positive buyer in general. Remember you can replace end of image names with _original.jpg to get full size images! Ex: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/splash/92726/2044444/2044444_600.jpg to http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/splash/92726/2044444/2044444_original.jpg
Be aware about my availability (below) because I am SLOW to take additional pics or confirm condition, and if someone else commits or asks for quote beforehand then they will receive priority on the item.
- I reserve the right to refuse sales and blacklist any buyers, especially for failing to follow rules, not paying on time, excessively poor manners, harassment, etc.
- PKMNcollectors rules apply.
- Ordering from a smartphone is NOT an excuse to disregard my sales rules. Either figure out a way to follow the rules or get on a PC/laptop.
- My availability: I work full-time and have my own house with my husband, and that requires a lot of work in itself. But I always prioritize sales over my own collection stuffs. Flat-rate shipments/commitments get quotes fastest! Please don't feel uncomfortable poking me again if I fail to respond to you after 24 hrs since occasionally things slip past me, because I do the same in return ^^;
Extended unavailability: N/A

- I accept trades, but sales take priority and I will ONLY trade for things currently on my wants list with max values. You can combine max value to discount off prices in addition with trading, aka partial trades. However, trades are at my discretion of course.
- If you do not have 10 positive feedback and/or you have any negative feedback, I must receive your end of the trade first before sending out mine. Otherwise, we can send at the same time.

- USD only. Do not send payments until I give you a confirmed total.
- Accepted Payment: US Domestic - Paypal (Paypal fees will be applied), bank checks, or concealed US cash (at your own risk). International - Paypal ONLY. Let me know if you are paying from international but shipping domestically, or else you are subject to extra fees after payment since international fee rates are different. At this time, I can't accept any other form of payment.
- Please put the items you ordered in the memo section when paying, because I refer to these when I package orders!
- Note on shipping address: Please use the CORRECT shipping address when sending with PayPal. If you send the incorrect address, you are causing issues with my end with the seller protection (PayPal requires that I send to the shipping address in ordered to have seller protection). I am willing to ship to a "corrected" address outside of what is stated on the PayPal transaction, however it is the buyer's responsibility to send the correct address when sending a PayPal payment, so I will not be held liable if the order is shipped to that address.
- Payment/trade must be received in full before I send out your order.
- Holding policy: You must pay within 24 hours of having received a full quote unless you get a different payment schedule approved ahead of time with me, or else your item is subject to go to another buyer. Commitments take priority over quote holds and I will edit my total for you if someone commits before you pay for a quote.

- I ship from California almost every business day to anywhere accepted by USPS
- I ship first-class for international, and first-class or Priority for domestic US. For US, Priority flat-rate boxes come in 3 SIZES, and there's also padded envelope: Small $8, Small Box/Padded Envelope $9, Medium $16 (Also common is $15 for under 2lb), Large $21 within USA. International mail is done first-class and starts @ $13 for Canada, $17 other countries, $28 for a box and goes up fast.
- I'm tired of international buyers giving up their order after seeing their total, so international buyers will need to add these exact words "I understand your sales rules about shipping costs!" if you want me to confirm items are actually available in your order. If these words are not included in your order, I may still give a total but I cannot guarantee the items will be available when I ship. If I find an item is not available after payment in this situation, I will refund the cost difference for the item minus paypal fee costs (4.4% + 30 cents per transaction).
- Tracking+Insurance up to $50 comes free w/ Priority mail for USA addresses (meaning up to $50 value can be claimed from USPS and refunded if items were lost/damaged with Priority domestic shipping). Tracking is available in SOME international countries (UK, Canada, Spain... more?), but USPS does not update it well.
- Unless you specifically ask for Priority rate shipping (you are more than welcome to!), I will default quotes to first-class shipping WITHOUT insurance. First-class minimum starts at $3.75 for up to 4 ounces and goes up by ounce to cover additional mailing supplies/handling .
- I'm not responsible for lost/damaged items during shipment. If this concerns you, please request insurance (Priority rate) and be prepared to pay additional fees for it (again, $50 insurance is FREE with domestic Priority). I add padding to packages and extra protection on thin hangtags for bubble mailers.

Mailing List! (Get notified when big updates occur and see what the new items are right in your e-mail! Exclusive newsletter sales may also occur!)
Sold listings 2 | 3 | eBay listings

( Zukan, TOMY Moncolle, Bandai Kids [Separate Post] )

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( Other Figures + Accessories, houseware, Ichiban Kuji stuff, and more! [Separate Post] )

( Flats listings - Stickers, cards, pogs, more! [Separate Post] )

( Plush Listings [Separate Post] )
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