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  • Mon, 19:48: the package could have arrived saturday but for some reason it got sent to San Jose on Sunday @ 1:23am & it's been sitting there since...??
  • Mon, 19:49: oh wait reading it wrong, it left San Jose May 18, 1:23am... but no update since then ;;
  • Mon, 20:01: hehehe http://t.co/c7iQOumM8R
  • Mon, 20:04: except for grammatical errors in both the video and site... le sigh
  • Mon, 20:09: I still miss my supervisor for the local chamber of commerce internship I had, the only time I've admired the writing skills of my superior
  • Mon, 20:10: and he also complimented me on being able to decipher his editing notes and catch onto all that political/commerce jargon quickly :>
  • Mon, 20:22: When You String a Violin With Human Hair, Something Incredible Happens http://t.co/MvaNxtCpcj
  • Mon, 20:22: it kind of sounds like... erhu
  • Tue, 00:33: buu wish tofu lasted longer after opening.. guess I should stick with those split packs even if they're a few cents more
  • Tue, 01:07: Dr. Martin Blaser on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart http://t.co/0giRrIideg threats posed by the overuse of antibiotics
  • Tue, 01:08: RT @potasmic: A puriketsu contest! :D http://t.co/Pur51JgMuX
  • Tue, 01:50: Went to type "House of Two Bows" for my sis's dogblog and ended up typing "House of Two Boys" ...that's next but for now lol
  • Tue, 01:53: Been lazy to shelf the latest Prince Animage so I've had Makishima and Toudou look upon me whenever I sit down to work on laptop
  • Tue, 01:53: RT @Siliconera: Yo-kai Watch Getting A Limited Edition 3DS XL Starring Jibanyan http://t.co/QRiViG3Lk5
  • Tue, 01:57: waa I don't know what I would've done if Inazuma had ever gotten an exclusive 3ds xl XD;
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