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  • Mon, 12:05: my dad is "uncle7" in the relatives lineup apparently orz
  • Mon, 12:24: Taipei To Fine People Glued To Smartphones While Crossing The Street http://t.co/kguVlep5do
  • Mon, 12:31: oh Japanese PS+ why must you be so inferior to US PS+
  • Mon, 12:35: Just Wanted to Share: How to exercise a cat: Purina� Cat Chow� https://t.co/P6GeVHzBFw
  • Mon, 12:49: this new bgm... is so epic it just makes me laugh when I think about the product it's for ^^;;;;; but it's good... orz
  • Mon, 12:50: just realized my entire time on this project has been like polishing turd
  • Mon, 12:51: so will be very interesting when I get to move onto a new project at last.. towards end of year??
  • Mon, 13:03: 9 people to present at the meeting tomorrow =3= That's like half the company why do these jp staff want
  • Mon, 13:29: RT @Siliconera: Bandai Namco Readies Up For The Tales Of Festival 2014 With Zestiria http://t.co/eRIlEqohGK
  • Mon, 13:31: don't remember if I even watched last year's Tales of Festival yet... D: but lol people surprised that tales of festival exists
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