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  • Wed, 12:52: deliciously spoiled with Baddap's face very time my tablet turns on for me when I open the leather cover XD; beauty of android devices
  • Wed, 13:06: she put this on survey 4 1 of our games:How many times does the swallow beat its wings every second in order to maintain air-speed velocity?
  • Wed, 13:09: 3 layers and my hoodie on and I'm finally mildly comfortable in this terrible AC
  • Wed, 13:31: Pokemon Art Academy is pretty much paying a dollar for every "lesson" and then having to pay for all 40 at once.. XD;;;
  • Wed, 13:53: apparently pride & prejudice is a good recommendation to get a westerner to understand tsundere??? only takes 1 minute of shana-chan for me
  • Wed, 13:54: correction *shana-tan w
  • Wed, 14:16: HR finally noticed I'm breathing into my hands half the time to try to keep them warm so she said she'll contact building management...
  • Wed, 14:23: A Goose That Lays Golden Eggs by Geraint Krumpe of Y Line Product Design http://t.co/OK5nd79bLe via @kickstarter those yellow deviled eggs
  • Wed, 14:26: I'd be more tempted for it if it wasn't $24 for specially textured eggs with more manual labor lol
  • Wed, 15:03: RT @mudaico: dear pedal timeline: i sincerely hope you've all read this article http://t.co/iCABPMXuE0
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