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  • Tue, 12:04: RT @Siliconera: Nintendo Will Not Hold An E3 Press Conference, But Will Show Off Games http://t.co/FIO0Uvjnr8
  • Tue, 12:07: wow an E3 without Nintendo conference
  • Tue, 12:08: These Gyakuten Saiban 123 wallpapers are so awesome ^q^~~~~~~~~~
  • Tue, 12:11: RT @CoIacso: @SplashTOMATO Las year was the same. Instead we had a Nintendo Direct 40~45 minutes long
  • Tue, 12:26: Just Wanted to Share: Feeding Routines for Households With Multiple Cats | Purina� Cat Chow� http://t.co/pXPtqpDbQN
  • Tue, 12:37: RT @CatsOutOfTheBag: (Cat edition) #ThatMomentWhen someone picks you out of all the other kitties in the shelter and you know you're finall…
  • Tue, 12:48: reword- it's so nice and warm outside today, but another day battling terribly overused AC in the office again...
  • Tue, 12:55: annnnnd I got absolutely no emails back all day after needing responses from at least 4 people |D;;;
  • Tue, 12:57: from Japan to Bulgaria to Michigan to Texas, people just not responding but they'll probably respond all at once & then I'll be cramming..
  • Tue, 13:06: bahh the traditional office settings really needs to stop wasting so much energy, this is why I don't care much for it in the first place..
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