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  • Mon, 18:41: Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Hard-Boiled Egg Recipes http://t.co/zgJmrACxVH got 2 dozen eggs to use up & ideas to do with 'em :3~
  • Mon, 18:43: mayo and curry powder... ^q^; I'm all set to do these deviled eggs
  • Mon, 18:50: やべーマジで料理したくなった
  • Mon, 19:06: 4-some more hours and I can start mashing yolks violently, I need this
  • Mon, 19:10: sis tells me about how snappy she gets while she's cooking but I'm the same way, I dunno if this would work if we live together =3=;;
  • Mon, 19:16: ohh the red sprinkle is paprika... nanto oyasuigoyou
  • Mon, 19:18: dreams of a wonderful spice cabinet, a wonderful kitchen and making delightful things with delightful spices
  • Mon, 19:20: ..in the meantime I'm stuck wondering every night if I'll come home to a kitchen that smells like dog poop/urine...
  • Mon, 19:25: well... scratch *every* night because :3c
  • Mon, 20:30: Doge Adventure: http://t.co/uhk0ePsZrY ...wow finally took a look at this shibe song my coworker linked me weeks ago... XD;
  • Mon, 22:41: I keep forgetting namidai voices chris in diamond no ace w
  • Tue, 01:19: Deviled eggs were a nice success *BURP* Could've used my roomie's bakery supplies to make them more presentable, but maybe some other time
  • Tue, 01:20: instead I just handled the yolk like dough ^q^; whoever suggested using a spoon on those online recipes must have filthy hands
  • Tue, 01:28: hmm dentist called while I was at work today (I assume to remind me about appt in a couple days) but they didn't leave a voicemail?? ..sigh
  • Tue, 01:30: still think I should find a new dentist since paying $80 for the most basic checkup after insurance seems off to me... but where
  • Tue, 02:30: hmm the mustard deviled eggs came out much tastier than the curry ones XD; welp I tried. the mustard ones are so lovelyyyy
  • Tue, 10:58: RT @modorenai: LOL this is so awesome. I want to summon a Shimono Hiro too. RT @chikichikiko RT @shimono_421 からあげで下野さん召喚した #下野紘聖誕祭 http://t…
  • Tue, 11:00: RT @Siliconera: Tales of Xillia 2 Collector’s Edition Comes With A Ludger Figurine And More http://t.co/kmLEctpuu6
  • Tue, 11:04: RT @atgames_jp: こんばんは!キャストのMayです。本日、みなさまにチャンレンジ頂いた「キャラクター大予想」の結果が発表されています…!予想は当たりましたか? #キャラ予想http://t.co/PR2ityKJ99 http://t.co/WHQXQp8cuy
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