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  • Thu, 00:47: Shimono Hiro in Noragami OAD... ww
  • Thu, 02:13: Map shows countries w/ most/longest sex http://t.co/pjdiyKe0c6 sooo according to this BLCDs accurately portray the average length of sex |D
  • Thu, 02:19: RT @Gyakuten_capcom: ◆4/23発売『逆転裁判 ピアノアルバム』情報◆レコーディング風景の映像をYouTube「カプコンチャンネル」で公開! 気になる楽曲を一足先にチェック!! 動画はコチラ⇒http://t.co/I0bbF3hB0c #gyakuten
  • Thu, 02:21: haha I can't register at jp http://t.co/OhI79PO14U because I don't have a jp phone email... so much for global link, thanks region-lock 3ds
  • Thu, 02:22: even regged at the english pokemon-gl, but my global link sync ID doesn't work on it since it comes from a jp 3ds apparently =3=
  • Thu, 02:22: even though I'm playing the game in English, realllllllll thanks region-lock 3ds
  • Thu, 02:23: nintendo giving me fewer reasons to stay legit with region locking... XD;; gateway is pretty sweet
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