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  • Fri, 12:01: RT @yorozuyasoul: Gintama x Justaway QUO cards! (QUO cards are prepaid cards that can be used at various places) RT @habisan: #gintama http…
  • Fri, 12:01: JUSTAWAY KAWAUSU
  • Fri, 12:15: I wanna do Tales cosplay someee day but thinking about getting the actual things to do it makes me lazy
  • Fri, 12:16: Also which character... I love too many of them
  • Fri, 12:18: 当たれ!!!!→ギフト券がもらえるチャンス! 声を聞いてキャラクターを当てよう! http://t.co/7RnrrKFVIC #キャラ予想 http://t.co/IHkVNrK1im
  • Fri, 12:46: team leader trying to "sell" me on the "benefits" of juicing vegetables... nope learn it properly dude
  • Fri, 13:00: hoping certain folk aren't butthurt that an idea they forced on us in 2013 proved to deteriorate sales cuz we're fixing that part up now
  • Fri, 13:02: cuz srsly the jp side likes to do things out of butthurt feelings sometimes...
  • Fri, 13:04: you'd hope that they'd grow out of elementary tactics like that but nope they use it in their professional lives, quite often.
  • Fri, 13:39: Plot meetings hehehehe http://t.co/Z3cwkapEZE
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