Splash (splash) wrote,

[dream] mishmash of old memories

Dreamt that I was half an hour late to my part time work at meijer because mom was being slow and insisted on driving.. Was nervous because I hadn't been there in long time. I was already working full time but this was a weekend shift I could finally do. Was considering just leaving it altogether since I had full time work already and I didn't like the management much... (Which was true)

But to my surprise, on arrival, no one minded that I was late and instead they were very welcoming. There were a lot more employees than I last remembered, and... A friend from high school who had come out during the college (true) was also there. Surprise.

The manager greeted me with big smiles and reminded me to put on my work shoes ( which were like bowling shoes food some reason, this was just for the dream). I looked around and asked where I could get started on work, but instead of listing a huge list like she normally would, manager invited me and my high school friend to come sit down and enjoy a snack with her.

She had a giant pot out on the middle of the circular table. It was full of... Black tea eggs??? Very unusual because this manager is a typical caucasian lady in her early 30s and works at MEIJER... High school friend took a couple out and started peeling them... He had a lot of trouble peeling them. While a bit suspicious, I took one for myself. Peeled it easily. It was a normal good black tea egg. We simply caught up in life. I asked the high school friend if he had a boyfriend, etc.

I woke up while reconsidering leaving the job... What Lol
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