Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] Lol werewolf but not really werewolf dream

Dreamt I was some cool dude at a town hanging out with my bro and his group of cool people. All was fine and dandy until I had a vision that the entire town was to fall under attack by werewolves later in the day, and everything was burning up, destroyed. Wanted to bring brother with me but I didn't have time to explain...? I took the family cat and escaped in one of the cars...

Didn't really know people in the next town except one place where I knew the mom and daughter. The daughter was closer to my age. I managed to get to her place and they were home. I talked to them about my vision... That seemed all sympathetic at first as they noticed I had my cat with me. But then all of a sudden, the daughter attacked me... She tried to stick some kind of tack into me. I dodged and escaped in the car again.

People were soon getting attacked everywhere by others with the tacks.. If they stuck on, they would explode... Very gruesome. Someone was chasing me down in the car, too.. I eventually semi crashed and had to make a run for it. Close call many times with the tacks... People were even throwing the tacks in attempt that they would cling on long enough to activate and explode. Even though they were werewolves, they didn't look any different than others, though...
Coincidentally found brother again, he was fighting off the werewolves... With a flamethrower... I felt guilty about leaving, but he said it was fine and he was glad I was still okay. Apparently his group of friends were loaded with crazy weapons already and they were all fighting back.

But where did my cat go??? Woke up with that riding in my mind.
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