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  • Fri, 03:20: Swype's word detection getting worse after OS upgrades or just me? Keeps putting in words nowhere near what I'm looking for more and more
  • Fri, 03:21: At least swype is still always better than having an iPhone pffft
  • Fri, 03:23: Can't play Line games on a jail broken iPhone lolol
  • Fri, 11:02: Ugh I think these headaches are coming from the dog waking me from barking and making me lose sleep... Need to talk to roomie about that..
  • Fri, 11:02: Almost everyday this week
  • Fri, 11:03: She's only barking because she has a super hyperactive cat as a playmate,.. But I'm SLEEPING god
  • Fri, 11:04: Should've said no to the dog
  • Fri, 11:08: Funny contains the meaning of ironic too yer
  • Fri, 11:19: Roomie says "he's trying" to stop the barking. By the time it's not a problem if it ever happens I'll probably be moving in w/ sis anyway
  • Fri, 11:27: He wakes up at 5 am along with the dog. .
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