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  • Tue, 19:52: RT @samuelrowe: Whatsapp valued acquired for $19 billion but oculus rift acquired for only $2 billion??
  • Tue, 20:05: ...D: They released Zexy Torchic T____T #twitchplayspokemon
  • Tue, 20:13: note to self, take the chicken out!! Another round of delicious tikka masala in the horizon
  • Tue, 20:16: somehow torchic reminded me of the tikka masala chicken. yeah
  • Tue, 20:29: RT @sumomoco: @SplashTOMATO Well, Torchic is technically a roasted bird, so... (◡‿◡✿)
  • Tue, 20:51: my drawers are sooo stuffed with snacks just for something to hold back on constantly
  • Tue, 21:43: Geez so many people here OT on a regular basis...
  • Wed, 01:02: Recently realized the main 3 games in my ps3 backlog are all HD remasters.. KH1.5, FFX, tales of symphonia...
  • Wed, 01:03: Got the US version for kh1.5 since I thought I wasn't interested in the jp cast as much, but geez that dub... Not motivated for cut scenes
  • Wed, 01:04: English Sora and kairi sound the same to me
  • Wed, 02:40: Forgot once again that kamiyan is in FFX as this minor reoccurring character ww
  • Wed, 02:52: Also forgot how comedic tidus's comments are at times ww moritan in his lighthearted tone
  • Wed, 02:56: 2 hours of game play and suwajun has already voiced a couple cutscene people... What when his actual character appears ww #ffx
  • Wed, 03:41: ...Of course one of the trophies is dodging 200 lightning strikes in a row. Nightmare inducing #ffx
  • Wed, 11:07: Ohayouuu weather app is saying sf bay area is getting well needed rain for the rest of the week
  • Wed, 11:55: RT @CatsOutOfTheBag: Funny how after we rescue cats, they always rescue us right back: http://t.co/ETVMqY4WzE
  • Wed, 11:59: ★☆サインなど豪華賞品当たる☆★人気声優、花江夏樹さんの声を聞いてキャラクターを当てよう! http://t.co/7RnrrKFVIC #キャラ予想 http://t.co/CJsnPmGNut
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