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  • Sat, 03:08: cuz... that's even more super-dimensional okay
  • Sat, 03:10: someone send me the image :V
  • Sat, 03:32: I don't understand tumblr-like comments that are just all caps of vague reaction
  • Sat, 03:34: ppl do that in reply to our company posts & I'm all "wtf are you saying that in a positive or negative light, that tells me jack shit"
  • Sat, 03:36: coworkers had a long discussion in the morning about how education in the US has sorely gone down the drain for the next generation |D;;
  • Sat, 03:46: reason #832346 kids, not doing
  • Sat, 03:47: & welp if I had the choice to put all my tax dollars into education instead of wars, yah... but nope other people decide it too
  • Sat, 03:50: if gov't were run by kickstarters (ry
  • Sat, 04:00: One more round before bed and then Hello there my favorite gk ever welcome to the team King of Goalkeeper http://t.co/daKFJaC1Aj
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