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  • Wed, 16:10: At&t can't bring in a technician until tomorrow. That's San Fran business customer service for ya. Can't wait for the company to change isp
  • Wed, 16:20: One of the stands had soccer stress basis and mini baseball bats, I hope they still have them on Friday I'll get more
  • Wed, 16:21: *Soccer stress balls
  • Wed, 16:22: Stuffffff all freeeee http://t.co/QmmBxbFSBW
  • Wed, 16:24: And well, other people are going in the afternoon for gdc so can't do meetings either www gamegame
  • Wed, 18:47: Ladeda using 4G since work Internet is down, at least I'm at the end of the billing period so lots of data to use and it resets tomorrow
  • Wed, 18:48: RT @kaakynoru: さくらちゃんと好葉ちゃんの距離が徐々に縮まっているのが分かる画像作りました!!さくこのちゃん可愛い……親友可愛い…… http://t.co/sXgSS25aOo
  • Wed, 18:48: RT @jpwong_: Puzzle de Inazuma Eleven friends http://t.co/djVj2zFk4D
  • Wed, 19:30: Dude this bat is sweet. Old team leader was using it to massage his back tho his oyaji antics are always amusing ww
  • Wed, 19:30: Another hour and half hour to kill not able to do any real work w
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