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  • Sat, 17:40: Twitch Plays Pokemon (Crystal) - Final Battle Against Red + Ending: http://t.co/kuchB33lfP via @YouTube DAMN epic :3c
  • Sat, 18:04: looping InaGala OST now while scanning things... because I can
  • Sat, 20:48: Added a whole bunch of headers to the randomizing top on Too Many Penguins ^q^ http://t.co/rfNrXh6qki
  • Sat, 20:48: There are more than 100 randomizing headers now ^q^ http://t.co/rfNrXh6qki
  • Sat, 20:49: whole bunch are from the stone paper collection, might scan the rest some day just to make headers from them www so pretty~~
  • Sat, 20:51: also note to self, GO+galaxy calendar images someday...
  • Sun, 00:46: 5 Awkward Sex Moments That Never Happen In Movies http://t.co/fLfmiT1sdU via @CollegeHumor hmmm.
  • Sun, 00:52: was planning to get some progress on lightning returns today but... already 10pm wtf |D
  • Sun, 00:52: once again dragon's crown distracts me... and Line inazuma puzzle too wwwww.
  • Sun, 00:53: although I haven't played anything on the PS3 since transferring to the slim, I haven't even checked if my game saves are working
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