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  • Thu, 12:06: lol even with offering free premium memberships UPS still sucks balls
  • Thu, 12:37: 2-Year-Old Suspended from Daycare Over Cheese Sandwich | Parenting - Yahoo Shine http://t.co/VkryLvV1T6 hmm various food for thought
  • Thu, 12:38: I'm a firm believer of early exposure for immunity defense though :V
  • Thu, 12:44: Childhood Allergy Guidelines Recommend Early Exposure to Eggs, Peanuts http://t.co/jBnfkbyoug just basic knowledge
  • Thu, 12:51: hmm ace attorney gathering at fanime... but japan expo is the real ace attorney con wwwww the AA love in norcal is quite nice :D
  • Thu, 13:16: Amazon prime is going up to $99/$49 (student) in April... Vaguely tempted for before price hike since I have a student account...
  • Thu, 13:21: I got called a kpop star because of the jacket I'm wearing from Target HEHEHEHE...
  • Thu, 13:32: Just Wanted to Share: Cat Tail Body Language: Purina� Cat Chow� http://t.co/ouWs1ch1RW
  • Thu, 13:41: RT @Kotaku: Final Fantasy Type-0 will be out in English this August, thanks to a fan translation patch: http://t.co/yySNmY46Xc
  • Thu, 14:05: http://t.co/CxvsVByCzz official fanime gathering list are we doing inazuma fanime gathering
  • Fri, 03:50: http://t.co/V66Tt7BfML Don't forget Gyakuten Saiban 123 out Apr 17~ Has English version~
  • Fri, 04:34: guh TGIF~~~ I'll be hanging out more on TL for the next couple weeks gaiz since bf will be on vacation (:3っ )っ miss him already!!
  • Fri, 04:44: At work we talk about sex somewhat openly, because of the nature of our games. Today was about how women generally don't fall sleep after
  • Fri, 04:53: TIME FOR BED bf started inagala tonight oyasuminaho eyes ear twitch o/
  • Fri, 10:57: Do hshkhjk they're fighting red
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