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  • Tue, 12:37: Just Wanted to Share: Cat Tail Body Language: Purina� Cat Chow� http://t.co/ouWs1ch1RW
  • Tue, 12:48: Huh.. I expected to lose some weight when I got these uniqlo jeans a while back but they really went from tight fit to super loose....
  • Tue, 13:27: RT @fantastic__pics: だんだん薄くなる(禿げる)メモパッド http://t.co/BdaOHKy2LV
  • Tue, 13:28: Lots of Sudoku in the free app of the day for amazon app store, mom would go for that if... Android
  • Tue, 13:32: Eat cheap (but still healthy) for a bit = getting tales of vesperia repede plush. Wonder if I could sell the symphonia coin figures
  • Tue, 13:35: Goal, do not eat out for the rest of the month and some
  • Tue, 13:36: Additional goal average $3 per meal twice a day, small snacks overloaded in the office lately
  • Tue, 13:37: Last night's meal with eggs and veggies = $1. :3c
  • Tue, 13:42: gonna request CDJapan to list http://t.co/L5xCCG9YRo Watch for it http://t.co/AtHmaky6vs
  • Tue, 13:52: coworker brings in cake for the office~~ chocolate with spicy chocolate ganache and peach compote
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