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  • Wed, 12:38: RT @Siliconera: Meet Tales of Zestiria’s Third Character, Miclio http://t.co/sNONHLfIcs
  • Wed, 12:38: ohsaka ryouta in the next tales *shakes*
  • Wed, 12:42: Childhood friends with the hero and normal people can't see him, that is shipping fodder already ww
  • Wed, 12:42: "Whats Tenzoku?" w
  • Wed, 13:16: いつもアリガトウかけがえのない My dear http://t.co/9M9B7g2saX
  • Wed, 13:21: sakupyon's vibrato :>~
  • Wed, 13:34: listening to the guys talk about games makes me cringe, their idea of "experiencing a game" is just so different from mine
  • Wed, 13:34: keep talking about the zombie games if you must really, just lay off my rpgs kthx
  • Wed, 13:37: wonder who they'll balance off the rest of the zestiria cast with... More ossan and lolis???
  • Wed, 15:58: Buuh long meeting is long, catered food has been sitting there fire over an hour, it'll be cold. ...
  • Thu, 11:49: RT @GoogleShopEx: For a limited time, get $25 off your first purchase on the Google Shopping Express Android app. Use code ANDROID25. http:…
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