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  • Tue, 14:00: yeahh they should've gone with calling it normal hard and nightmare modes or such
  • Tue, 14:03: RT @AnimeNewsNet: Interest: Takara Tomy Arts Releases New Line of Toys Parodying the Statue of Liberty http://t.co/736PhWb8VJ #anime
  • Tue, 15:27: My beautiful cousin, I will miss you http://t.co/fNhE0VcJbX
  • Tue, 15:35: she was just so nice and nonjudgmental unlike.. certain other relatives... haa *cry*
  • Tue, 15:37: I'm really not close with any of my other cousins although her older sisters are pretty cool people at least
  • Tue, 15:57: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm garam masalaaaaaaaaa deconstructing food is entertaining
  • Tue, 16:21: fill the office with the smell of garam masalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Tue, 18:15: I look at random coworker's screen and there are polar bears DDRing for one of the backgrounds what
  • Tue, 19:14: Any freelance webdesigners looking for work? Contact me~ Budget is around $1000 for this potential project
  • Tue, 19:19: Note to self! work research http://t.co/KRnWMEDPyT
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