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  • Mon, 15:17: California drought: Water officials look to rules of '70s - SFGate http://t.co/mFBBQsCyPB via @SFGate
  • Mon, 23:44: RT @efzero: オオヘレ、代永、西墻と念願のイナダンカフェに行ってきたよー!! 店員さん雷門中のユニフォーム着てた! 代永がワクワクさんにしか見えない(笑) http://t.co/s6plV5rJdP
  • Mon, 23:45: Oohara... oohere? XDDD
  • Tue, 01:13: Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop GIF Slimming Her Down Reignites The Debate Around Body Image http://t.co/5e665riQEf ... heh
  • Tue, 05:39: Cough got worse. Gonna stay home today
  • Tue, 06:49: Hoh, Achilles Deed next on the Hyper Function list...
  • Tue, 07:30: Well being up for a couple hours i think the worst of it has passed by ww stilltaking a day off though
  • Tue, 07:35: *eats a massive orange, waddles back into bed* zz
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