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  • Sun, 12:06: So confused mach tiger just fouled themselves while doing a throw in LOL
  • Sun, 12:07: RT @Xue_lan: あざとシュウ #3DS http://t.co/gGXgg55Tik
  • Sun, 17:18: RT @shingekis: bless chrono stone, just bless http://t.co/1YJPd3NDkx
  • Mon, 02:43: http://t.co/0nxC45MERz Makai Ouji has a 3ds game.. what why lol
  • Mon, 04:59: So very deeply approve of the music use in inagala 3ds so far, striking very good RPG nostalgia mitsuda yasunori
  • Mon, 05:01: Kameoka's too, the nostalgia is much more recent though since.. Well, black wolves saga hehe. Visual novel goodness. Inagala love
  • Mon, 05:03: More kudos to whoever directs the music in game. In various ways, better than even mima-kan
  • Mon, 05:07: But once again wow at mitsuda yasunori music that will never likely never be heard in the anime, for shame. Like that piano piece for FFI...
  • Mon, 05:13: Inazuma Eleven you are such RPG magic ilu
  • Mon, 05:15: Oh right there's soccer in this game too. Almost forgot after spending an hour exploring new planet OK
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