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  • Sat, 03:33: omg L5 game with BIG FUN AREAS TO PHYSICALLY EXPLORE, one of many things I miss with dansen wars ugh, will rant about that in majinken later
  • Sat, 03:36: a small part of me is just praying the original dansen development team is just taking their time working on something--
  • Sat, 03:38: --while letting tri-ace spit out titles in these years, but I fear L5 is too "prideful" to admit not all their decisions were smart.. I just
  • Sat, 03:44: As gen note, I LOVE pretty much all the action battle improvements in W/Wars, but original Dansen (Baku/Boost) by far still best experience
  • Sat, 03:45: RT @kazaanadrive: I enjoy that I got lost twice already because this area in Inagala game is so large. I'm not being sarcastic about this e…
  • Sat, 03:50: RT @kazaanadrive: Ah, you can still create Gryphon! I'm so happy about this. http://t.co/jXiKkoEfSd
  • Sat, 03:56: waaa can't wait to try those Inagala built-in screenshots!! Now it just needs a built-in social share feature like Lightning Returns XD
  • Sat, 04:10: Oh my god this soccer ball is genius, I'm kicking it into people's moms and into the window and stuff
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