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  • Thu, 17:26: Happy Thanksgiving and I've already started the Black Friday/Cyber Monday anime sale on my LJ lol http://t.co/aISr3VOUF9
  • Fri, 01:39: RT @MGN_jyosibu: 【イナズマイレブン ストーンペーパーブックカバーコレクション】イラスト公開・描き下ろし★グラウンドに寝そべる、基山ヒロト・緑川リュウジ・吹雪士郎の3人。休憩中の貴重なショット!(まっきー)#inazuma http://t.co/4g0cwj3
  • Fri, 02:02: This EST/PST timezone thing is handy, I can shop the black friday/cyber monday deals 3 hours before midnight when I'm not sleepy yet XD;
  • Fri, 02:06: let's saving money today minna
  • Fri, 02:07: http://t.co/9ooVNXszCM $100 Target GiftCard for ONLY $90 - geesh, almost 10k sold, there was like 1k sold when I get my 2
  • Fri, 04:45: RT @kazaanadrive: tsurugi and tenma better have a song together this season dammit
  • Fri, 05:41: RT @yut_drug: バトリズム×アニメージュのコラボ描き下ろしがやばいと自分の中で話題 マサキ&ヒロトや剣城&白竜など みんな楽器持ってる http://t.co/rWkgQzhShZ
  • Fri, 05:43: Hakuryuu in a white scarf singing to tsurugi's saxophone
  • Fri, 05:46: Is that sata on bagpipes I
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