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  • Sun, 17:14: assuming that contact got lost, eye feels bruised but I seriously can't tell if the contact's there XD;; ordered new one
  • Sun, 21:20: woo good ddr session while catching up with log horizon anime. w00t an actual ENJOYABLE mmo anime at last
  • Mon, 00:45: um wtf is the point of final break on dansen wars? I swear the drops I get with it are worse than a normal win
  • Mon, 03:09: RT @ShingekiKyojin: Linked Horizonの紅白歌合戦出場が発表されましたね。Revoさん、頑張って下さい!
  • Mon, 03:10: RT @Siliconera: First Look At Levi’s Story In Attack On Titan For 3DS http://t.co/ZiXQWKoDZA
  • Mon, 03:11: Yeeep them guys are gonna win kouhaku again this new years, revo San ike ike
  • Mon, 03:12: I've skipped the past few years of kouhaku but I'd watch that one for linked horizon yes I would
  • Mon, 11:10: In which I go to work wearing my asuka kojou hat since I don't have shades for my glasses
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