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  • Fri, 00:14: Playing Time and Eternity PS3 until my Dansen Wars finally arrives XD I named the hero Wing... because it's Wing wwww
  • Fri, 00:17: Aoi yuuki is in this too?? So much inadan girl power from this game, it shall be glorious
  • Fri, 00:18: Time and eternity more like Minaho being indecisive between Ran and Jessica with kinako/morimura cheering on the side
  • Fri, 00:43: Seriously ran is a red head and Jessica is a blonde in this game too I cannot see this any other way. Wing's monologues in this are Lol
  • Fri, 00:47: ...endou aya just showed up ww. I dunno whether to associate with dansen haruka or Inazuma sakura with this one wwwww docchi no omoroi
  • Fri, 00:48: *mo. I'm glad this story is very not serious
  • Fri, 01:12: Omg wing is hilarious in this game. Hiwaiiiiiiiii and then a wing fan shows up on my atgames, so coincidence
  • Fri, 03:59: Ichijikan ijou shashin wo mite aitakute shikataganai tte tsutaetara... shinjiru wake ga nai ne ww sassoku neru. Tablet is doing weird things
  • Fri, 04:00: RT @Giftigu: wuhahhh why do i ..think about kyouten constantly with Arthurian era shows/fairy tail themed things. help
  • Fri, 10:54: RT @happypriroll: ついに…「イナズマイレブン」シリーズのプリロールが登場! なんと22種類のデザインが一挙登場。 一昨日発売で、現在の人気No.1は… ダントツでこちらです! 「ドライブしようぜ」 http://t.co/e7MVBpFX6R http:…
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