Splash (splash) wrote,

Weird fandom dream

Adrienne and I were at a field picnic of sorts when we came across a music band playing... It was little blue box!!!? I wanted to take pics but there was just a small crowd of people in front of them and a slightly larger crowd behind them, and I asked I needed extra admission to see them for some reason.I saw a bulletin board nearby that said featuring artists! 1) little box blue (yes, it was written in the wrong order) 2) another artist. They were playing Eternal. I had to go somewhere else for a moment, but by the time I came back they had stopped playing. Buuu! But somehow I came across a small group of people who seemed to be in a rush to cross the street, and I saw his across the street in her bright red paint splash type of clothes... For some reason still jamming on a megaphone while walking away. Adrienne and I chased after them too.

We ended up inside a big building where we lost track of them. we came across one of the people who were chasing lbs, and she showed us a secret entrance within the building. In a small room, she pressed a knob on the glad window below us and everything started moving... I had to hang on to the rising parts all around us, and I was so afraid for a moment that I would fall down. But I made it to the end, and the sky high elevation eventually felt secure. The rising part of the building turned into a keyboard at the end, and a paper spat out. it was an invitation for a digimon after hours party starting in an hour ish at the building. Free food and drinks, so I convinced Adrienne to stick around for it!! But then I woke up right after ugh.
Tags: series - danball senki, series - digimon
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