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  • Fri, 01:09: FAITOOOO #shingeki. Thanks bf for sending me these Xd;;; http://t.co/hk2t4MJuyz
  • Fri, 01:11: & one more shot of gator's awesome black mage. Also LOL @ certain coworkers being workaholics in the background.. http://t.co/DEgGAWCoSE
  • Fri, 02:32: RT @MGN_jyosibu: 【イナズマイレブンGO ラバーストラップ2】サンプル公開・風丸 一郎太!現在発売中の「イナズマイレブン」ラバストとこんな風にお揃い付けができちゃいます★商品詳細>http://t.co/I1YWk2magW 【2014年2月発売予定】 http…
  • Fri, 03:17: oyasuminamisawa, that had to be the best halloween I've ever had, much love love
  • Fri, 03:35: Ah, one more thing before I head off to sleep...never won a count guessing game until tonight, and I won...
  • Fri, 03:38: Prize, this bizarre contents of jar including candy, travel toothbrushes, ketchup pouch, + lip balm. 58 pieces total http://t.co/i1KVv2HsJ2
  • Fri, 10:55: good luck to everyone doing nanowrimo! Definitely no ideas or time on my end, all my creative gets sucked out by my workplace lol
  • Fri, 10:56: Creativity... where is
  • Fri, 11:52: still amused by coworker linking me to the pixiv shingeki no fujin link :3c http://t.co/uwY7fNEWvj
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