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  • Mon, 17:37: ah... I forgot to check in at The Melt. $6 grilled cheese+soup lunch w00t :3
  • Mon, 18:00: http://t.co/XhoUlXWSGl I see kobayashi
  • Mon, 18:01: kirino with handa and ichinose. maa, mima-kan dakara ne
  • Mon, 18:23: http://t.co/FDS2Gaay1j Chikyuu wo Mawase cover... Tenma in a tux and yellow bow
  • Mon, 19:32: So mullet http://t.co/fEFFyruucH
  • Mon, 22:35: sadfhdfkjh I love how otaku the protag of yowamushi pedal is in every true sense of the word :> Good man.
  • Mon, 22:45: kyaa that ep was so fun I just kept ddring past my session goal the whole time
  • Mon, 22:46: is it halloween yet I want to cleaning heichou again
  • Mon, 22:49: oh.. reminds me to put the extra set of belts for coworker to see if she can figure out how to use them properly ww ganbare hanji
  • Mon, 22:49: she's short like me though so she'd be an effing cute hanji www
  • Mon, 22:52: 勢いでFBレスしちゃったけどやっぱりそうなりますね…事実です。
  • Mon, 22:59: sorosoro kek-(ry
  • Mon, 23:26: "Be sure to nurture a good relationship." LOL this coming out of my dad is so weird to me I can't even
  • Mon, 23:31: Gonna experiment with my free hot sauces with fish fillets nau :> http://t.co/UpwqcpnX3u
  • Mon, 23:59: Alibaba did the Ichinose signal I can't http://t.co/zlc7ujyz4J
  • Tue, 02:24: wow, terrible Diabolik Lovers anime makes me not want to bother with the PSP game anymore even though it was on my otoge queue XD;
  • Tue, 02:46: http://t.co/4YTV8FJfLk Dragon's Crown US version PS3 $30 at Play-Asia~~~ :D :D :D Got my Vita version today to play during commute \o/
  • Tue, 03:05: http://t.co/JeouM46Qe8 Time and Eternity US PS3 is on super sale too, with the soundtrack CD even. Been meaning to get that one. Getto daze!
  • Tue, 03:06: I fetishize male seiyuu but I crush on Kana-chan and KitaEri's voices sometimes too ok
  • Tue, 03:06: It'll be like playing an RPG with Ran-chan and Jessica w
  • Tue, 03:08: "my son is so lazy & dumb & he's doing so poorly in school. Your son seems really intelligent & motivated" so Asian language Pimsleur LOL
  • Tue, 03:14: RT @nakamuraFF11: 3DSはほんと、ソフトのロック機能(物理的に)つけて欲しい。カバンから出すとソフトがにょーんしてて前セーブ箇所からやり直しがよくある。
  • Tue, 03:14: RT @sugitaLOV: にょーん
  • Tue, 03:15: hora, even Yuukyan complains about how inferior 3DS is as a portable console myar. Vita needs more love
  • Tue, 03:52: I dunno why the discount price for InaGala 3DS is gone from AmazonJP??? Used to be 4500 yen, now it's 5499... I hope it comes back;; OYASUMI
  • Tue, 10:54: RT @psugoi: imagine if u were todl that earth is going to be invaded by aliens bc middleschoolers lost a soccer match
  • Tue, 11:10: Such hardcore want to Inazuma dork at anime expo again
  • Tue, 11:11: And fanime too.. Inazuma dork yes let's
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