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  • Tue, 12:30: Eren Nendoroid Preorder on CDJapan~~~ http://t.co/kBywJOfow6 I find it amusing they put the weight estimate heavier than the Eren figma...
  • Tue, 12:58: RT @genjipress: Where your Crunchyroll dollars really go: An interview with the CEO | Otaku Journalist http://t.co/hlHbUvuesg (hint: it goe…
  • Tue, 13:10: BF and I almost cleared the 99 floors of LoC on Dragon's Crown ^o^;;; I want to farm Amazon accessory or something next~
  • Tue, 13:38: RT @hshs0w0: ==͟͟͞͞(¦3ꇤ[▓▓]
  • Tue, 13:54: Someone messaged me on PSN last night asking if "changed my mind" but I don't remember msging that person ever o.O; confused
  • Tue, 14:10: Chrono Stone OST nau... I'm still bitter that my favorite track in the series isn't even on this OST... Level-5 wtf...!!!!!!..... |D;
  • Tue, 14:11: all I can hear in my mind is that favorite track that I cannot listen to on the OST... grrrrr
  • Tue, 14:14: Also... according to description, DanSen Wars OST is only 30 minutes of new material...? I hope that's just a messed up description
  • Tue, 14:29: Be slightttly more okay with the missing OST track if it were on another OST, but nooo they had to have repeats from inadan instead
  • Tue, 15:01: #inadan OST nau
  • Tue, 15:29: staring at my Bunseki pair Twitter wallpaper <3 #inazuma
  • Tue, 18:13: wwww "PreCure + a bad trip on shrooms = this PV" http://t.co/gefljai5Qo
  • Tue, 19:15: ...so those are the people responsible for making CR twitter sound so unprofessional
  • Tue, 19:18: マジで虫酸が走るぜ
  • Tue, 19:32: Oh.. I S ranked both of the 10-star Pro songs on #utapri Music 2, but still have like two or three of the 9 1/2-star ones to go...
  • Tue, 19:33: That magic one for Otoya is so effing fast, I can't...??? It's hard enough just getting an A rank on that one
  • Tue, 19:36: SMILE MAGIC.......... magic indeed
  • Tue, 19:37: Wonder how long the #utapri series will be staying on PSP, assuming there's more after all this... Certainly got farther than I thought XD
  • Tue, 19:41: oh there's already a sequel planned for #utapri All Star? ww http://t.co/8dgsz2lRma More sweet, more bitter, wry
  • Tue, 19:43: http://t.co/qXD0VUPNvM Syo's official Twitter has the highest amount of followers, I approve of this w
  • Tue, 20:02: RT @mobile_aa: .┏━┓┏━┓  ┃ ┃┃ ┃  ┃ ┃┃ ┃  ┃ ┃┃ ┃  ┃ ┃┃ ┃ ┏┛ ┗┛ ┗┓ ┃ > ┳ <  ┃ ┃ ◎┗┻┛◎ ┃ ┃┏┓ ┏┓ ┃  ┗┫┣━┫┣━┛  ┗┫♥┗┫   ┣┳┳〇゛
  • Tue, 20:22: Te wo Tsunagou nau... oh Tsurugi.
  • Tue, 22:33: RT @Giftigu: https://t.co/DCEUpZv9xP fudou,,,,,,,,,;;;;;
  • Tue, 22:36: Made a to-do list for tomorrow since I took a day off for dentist... it's so effing full plate anyway wwwwwww
  • Tue, 22:41: @gem2niki I admit I drop a lot of series :P but some people just don't have the time for it all ya
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