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  • Wed, 16:00: hoh the tracks from the visual novel are on this OST, yoshi yoshi
  • Wed, 16:29: I checked in at Rincon Grill on #Yelp http://t.co/gBMZmqqbtY
  • Wed, 17:21: RT @onkeikun: when you have a tiring day, remember kakihara tetsuya's inspirational words: "my nipples point at laputa"
  • Wed, 17:26: RT @Siliconera: This Week In Sales: At Last… Pokémon X And Pokémon Y http://t.co/JEqvvyFIGW
  • Wed, 19:03: need to stop by koreana plaza after work, ran out of kewpie mayo TwT;; I hope they're done with the construction in the parking lot
  • Wed, 20:45: RT @rideact: Good News! Governor Takes Action–Immediate Threat of AC Transit Strike Averted http://t.co/JG8BC1fns6
  • Wed, 20:51: needs to be more shiba memes http://t.co/qyXXcZ2boi
  • Wed, 22:29: sigh no more cheap oranges (for the season) at koreana plaza, I got two modest size bags of mandarins for $13, more than 50% of my bill ORZ
  • Wed, 22:30: on the plus side the kewpie mayo was only $3 even though the tag in the aisle said $6 XD;;; yayyy
  • Wed, 22:32: and 3 bundles of celery for $1, what an effing steal, veggies are always the cheapest awesome there
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