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  • Sun, 22:32: Stuffed Lotus Root Recipeレンコンのはさみ揚げ 作り方レシピ: http://t.co/zIEvVumwBU cookingwithdog lotus root!! <3 want time to make these recipes
  • Sun, 22:40: http://t.co/VL9sgtusVI if only mizushima voiced this guy XD;;;; but okamoto sounds good as him too
  • Mon, 03:06: http://t.co/WuNkVn8JK3 I AGREE WITH #1... Except CR's spelling of it
  • Mon, 03:11: Listening to Butterfly now. I still clearly remember repeating this over and over on my ancient CD walkman back in middle school ;w;
  • Mon, 03:15: Also remember getting some of my friends addicted to Digimon music too ^q^;;; Those were the days
  • Mon, 03:18: That was enough to motivate me to start digimon adventure psp finally. So I'mma do that xD;;;;;;; oyasumimixsora yuri
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