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Wish there was a way to change the daily twitter posts to weekly, le sigh

In the meanwhile, leaving this here
Self note cooking stuff:


-Spaghetti (+ Alfredo variation. Super yummy with seafood!!)
-Camellia Tea + garlic noodles
-Beer chicken (good with noodles)
-Okonomiyaki (sooo much better with yakisoba or udon)
-Smoky sweet wings
-Tea Leaf Eggs
-Cabbage/Bacon joygasm mess
-Casseroles - Chicken/Broccoli, tuna and egg noodles
-Fried Rice
-Fried noodles
-Them vegetable stirfries
-Meat Pot Pies
-Breakfasts (omelettes, eggs, more eggs, whatnot)
-Potato salad

-Salmon Miso
-Ham chowder
-Pork bones + cucumber (igai to umai zo kore)
-Oxtail (hnggg)

-Rice Krispies treats
I'd rather buy asian cakes than make any cakes...
I'm not too much on desserts apparently...

Need to experiment more with:
-Pan searing - fish, steaks. I do these like once in a blue moon but I haven't found a way to make it more tempting to do...???
-Marinated meats - Hoisin Chicken (I can do this one relatively soon), beef, pork
-Baked vegetables and stuff with spices like stuffed peppers/mushrooms (my sis does a lot of this and I wish I had the time for it)
-Making egg tarts on my own (although do I really need to with Chinatown so accessible)
-Eggplant stuff in general. I used to avoid eggplant so much for some reason, but now I find myself craving its squishiness sometimes.
-Casseroles in general. I love these way too much but they're a lot of work since you have to cook them and PLUS bake them and all... xD;
-Soups in general (another thing sis is big with)
-More Taiwanese foods

Some day I'd like to make the eggrolls my mom makes too......... those are a lot of work but SO EFFING GOOD
I'm probably forgetting some things...

127 lb atm... (according to the scale at bf's place after eating dinner) I'd like to get a little closer to 120, so I'm constantly working on that (125 seems like a good constant though)~ Goal desu!! Damn woman fat.
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