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Greetings! Well, since my Twitter Archive plugin borked on my Wordpress since sometime in June (I think because of the new API), and the only plugin I can find that works there makes a separate post for every effing tweet and doesn't even link the original tweet, AND I haven't had a public LJ post in yee ages (lots of filtered ones, though.. ^^; ), I'm going to go with the daily Tweet archive feature on LJ ^^~ So here we go!! I'm still irked I don't have 3 months of stuff archived because of that API gap though. A LOT of things have happened...

  • Tue, 12:03: RT @animategyoza: 【進撃の巨人情報!】リヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイリヴァイとエレンとアルミンとミカサのラバーストラップが再入荷したリヴァ…
  • Tue, 12:04: surround the world with happiness ohayou shining day!!!
  • Tue, 12:36: uohh another patch for dragon's crown in jp, sounds like good improvements http://t.co/g04trGdnH0
  • Tue, 12:37: RT @Hawtkuryuu: @SplashTOMATO Way, way, way better than IE3's English OP help I'm dying.
  • Tue, 14:01: RT @Crunchyroll: News: "Attack on Titan" Levi Figure Showcased in Akihabara http://t.co/n7LTFGVTvK
  • Tue, 14:26: sanmi ittai <3
  • Tue, 14:37: Album Lyrics – Danball Senki Complete Song Book http://t.co/9sStpSyS5c
  • Tue, 14:49: omg if someone cosplayed Lex I'd *death by ossan sunglasses*
  • Tue, 14:50: There would need to be UzaTaku too, but I'm sure everyone would mistake him for Phoenix Wright *death*
  • Tue, 14:53: UzaTaku/Ren feels
  • Tue, 15:00: OH there was a drama CD with shingeki BD 2, I completely forgot. should listen to it when I have a chance... my audio backlog is so ridic
  • Tue, 16:36: Anyone know a good wordpress plugin for tweets to daily/weekly posts? >o>;; I'll consider using the LJ one too (but what's it called lol)
  • Tue, 19:23: Note must read next aksdfhjksadhfjkhsdgjkhsdfvjksdv [R-18] つがいのクジラ | ようなし+@FOW4原稿中 #pixiv http://t.co/fTarZ1EH15
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