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[rant] Just to leave this here (freelance writer woes)

So this is the email that terrible writer sent in, in reference to this image: https://twitter.com/SplashTOMATO/status/313443222359777282

"Ok I'm really angry. These outlines suck. They
are really bad. I've been stuck on the last three episodes for two days
because it is clear that you guys didn't put any work into them. You
raised the word minimum considerably for me, but your outlines have even less
content in them than they did with Knights. Episode 15 has 300 words. Episode
16 has 200 words. I'm supposed to write a 2,800 word episode from 200
words of description?

This is a joke and it's been frustrating but now I'm just angry. I will
try getting them to you within a few hours. Don't blame me if you don't
like them. Your outlines are garbage. I'm sorry for the rudeness.
I don't appreciate it when you guys don't try to make a decent story
outline. "

^ I'm so lol right now

This is the writer who doesn't know how to write narration, makes awkward dialogue and doesn't understand that you can't write fictional stories and avoid using contractions just to extend your word count. Sasuga berkeley polisci life failure, this particular writer. This isn't school, herpderp.

We have 2 other writers submitting things for this game right now; they have no problems with the summaries and in fact love the freedom we give them.
We're only using him at all because of our tight deadlines, otherwise we'd be glad to give it to another writer. :P But yeah, this guy, never again. He's supposed to write for one other character, but we'll see if it even goes there.
Tags: life failures, 仕事
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