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[talk] Danball Senki dream...

Wow I really hate that LJ took out the old posting format |D


I dreamt that Takuya had lost Kirino Sae, his secretary (somehow), and he was feeling down in the dumps because of it. XD; He started getting into buying the designs of the clothes famous LBX players wore and selling them himself. So he had this kind of kickoff party where he invited the first 20 purchasers of... Hiro's coat ww to come over and meet with him. First 20 purchasers, so of course I got one. orz Hiro and other LBX players came as well.

All of the coats were lined up in a circular coat rack, and all the famous figures (including Hiro) went around autographing each other's coats. Somehow, my coat went missing around that time and I was really bummed about it. D: So Takuya gave me a replacement, and we hung around together quietly for the rest of the kickoff party being old people (well, he's 29 which makes him a few years older than me at the time of this entry) while the others made their noise in the distance. I found out how he had lost his secretary... And that was how I came to waltz into his life XD

We set up an agreement that I would work... as a perfect hologram of him rather than his secretary (lol even dansen technology isn't that advanced afaik but let's pretend like it was in this dream), because he trusted me that much to work exactly like he would?! xD; In exchange, I would house with him and all housing needs/food would be covered, along with a small salary. But yeah, there were other feels in there too.

nani kono yume suteki sugiru
I know my OTP with him is forever Lex/Takuya, but I can still dream, literally. XD I also realize it's UzaTaku, but he's still ikemen youkyan-voice tamanokoshi in this case wwwww

^uzataku lol

Our next game at work is about office relationships, and we've only gone over 1 character's storyline out of 7, and my dreams are oozing the effects already??? ahhhhhh

Anyway here's progress on Danball Senki W subs, I'm REALLY itching to release what we've got ready now XD;; But again I'm annoyed about getting "when's the next ep coming out" thingamers so I avoid most of it by just releasing it all at once. Also because I have to wait for Hakaku on all these encodes.

Also, I have most of DanSen Asuka cosplay ready for fanime. I haven't been to a "big" con in like 4 years, when I went to Comic Con in NY with onkei, and then Otakon the years before that. Need to solidify my plans for it though, haven't registered yet... XD;;
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