Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] 100% S Ranked UtaPri Music................................

After forever and a day...!!!! (actually I stopped playing for about half a year and then re-picked it up a month or so ago)

Omg, completed the last 3 S-rank pro I needed from Uta no Prince-sama Music, including that infamous 10-star (max) difficulty Natsuki/Shou duet. OMG. Omg!

Now to do the ones on Debut. But I wonder if I should wait for all-star, I dunno if the all-star game is going to include Debut's songs.
Welp, regardless I went and S-Ranked Natsuki's song on the way back from work today. There's one 10-star song, and that's Shou's. I think it's a littttle bit more doable than the duet, but it'll still be a vicious challenge. DEMO YARIMASU.

My game backlog, so huge. =w=;;; Anyone have shout-outs for which one to push up ahead to finish?
Tags: gaming, seiyuu, series - uta no prince-sama
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