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[talk] Dream logs

Last night's dream, which happened in the span of about 40 minutes before I woke up and realized my alarm hadn't gone off, and I had 7 minutes to get out the door for work...
I dreamed it was my first day at high school, and I was going to go to Raimon high school. Yes... Inazuma Eleven Raimon high school......
But for some reason, there were no school buses, only city transportation. And I didn't have someone to drive me. And me and my terrible sense of direction, I only had a vague idea of where to go in the first place.
Apparently I knew I had to hitchhike to get to the school, as in I'd done it in the past. ._.; But normally, I was with someone and it feels a LOT more safer when you have someone else with you. By myself, I didn't have the courage to raise my hand.
So I went looking around for city transportation instead.
I came across a bus stop and two girls happened to be there. They were cosplay people I met at JPOP summit last year... XD; Neither of them were into Inazuma Eleven but I asked them anyway if either was going to Raimon high. One of them was, but then right there I woke up. :O

The day before this one I had a dream about atgames's Dress Up Summoner... yes, I've been playing it too much. XD;;;

*Friday September 21 dream: I dreamed I was back at home in Kalamazoo, on a Saturday. By some strange miracle, it started raining so much and so hard that the neighborhood streets flooded. Also, that night, all that flooded water froze over. With the streets turned into pure ice, everyone was left to stay home. People would be going out to play on the ice, although at a certain point, the ice started to melt a little and so they became giant sheets of ice sitting on top of freezing water. Dangerous to hang around in but people were playing in the freezing water anyway.
Welp, that's Michigan strength for ya.
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