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[talk] Seiyuu dream and subways eh + TALES T-SHIRT CONTEST

So I had a seiyuu dream last night, and as usual was woken up by my alarm at the best part D:
I was attending a high school of sorts where seiyuu were also attending, but they were ordinary students (but still idols to me mentally).
For some reason, the school was going to host a singing + 3-legged racing contest in the subway (subway, like BART...... and racing in it? Lol.). Requirement was we had to enter as pairs.

I was paired up with some kinda cute and nice guy. I'm sure he must've been a seiyuu but I seriously can't remember who =w=;;; Argh fleeting dream memories. Anway, I was arranged to sing a duet with him. dokidoki.

The day of the contest arrived, and we waited at the station (this part of the dream I don't want, I hate waiting at those BART stations x_X)
The contest subway arrived, and it was shorter than others, maybe only 4 cars. But for some reason the interior of the subway was huge, and there were lines of benches that fit 4 people each. My partner and I sat down on the end of one, and then when another pair approached and asked us to move in we did...
Turns out that pair was Terashima Takuma and another guy. I thought it'd be Mamo but it wasn't. XD;
I was about to take a pic of them with my phone, but then my alarm woke me up =w=;;;;;;;;

Also, rallying votes for our good friend Zeo, whose T-Shirt design for a Tales contest is in the top 5 voting!! :D
Please vote for the awesome 16th anniversary one with all the Tales logos <3 ~

Tags: seiyuu
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