Splash (splash) wrote,

Odaiba Memorial 2012

Happy Odaiba Memorial!!
I figured everyone and their mom would already be drawing Taichi so I went with some signature Savers goodness. Also since... I just wanted to make sure I didn't completely forget how to draw XDDD

Odaiba Memorial 8.1.2012 by ~splashgottaito on deviantART

I AM still working on new tomato doujinshi, just that it's still barely reached 50 pages. And I really don't want to post any of it until it's completely done because I have the crazy patience to do that even with how long this one's taking especially. XD;;;;

MAYBE IF PEOPLE FEED ME SOME REALLY NICE TOMATO FICS, IT WILL GET THE JUICES MOVING FASTER~~~~ I haven't been checking because my fic mind is pretty much 100% Japanese pixiv -> 80% Inazuma, 15% Danball and 5% UtaPri (...yep). I don't remember the last time I read a REALLY good English fic not long after Savers ended in Japan XD;

Tags: otp - tomato, series - digimon, series - digimon savers

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