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[talk] Some seiyuu scans~

Mixed thoughts about LJ's new scrapbook system, but there are more negative than positive. Honestly, the ONLY improvement I see that matters to me is the ability to FINALLY upload multiple images using ctrl/shift click. Everything else has taken a step back in common sense. But it still works, and I'm glad I can use it for what it's worth :3

Anyway, to the topic...
What voices/seiyuu are my friends crushing on lately? I want to hear your shout-outs~~~

Here are some of mine XDDD;
From Animage August 2012:
jitenshabakaaaa \o/
Nojima Hirofumi, Yoshino Hiroyuki and Yasumura Makoto together... on their bikes wwww
Okay I don't crush on Yasu but he's cool too~
(apparently there's more in July issue but I actually don't get that one until next month because of various bundled shipping reasons :V)

Eguchi Takuya~~~

Kuroko's Basketball article from PASH August 2012:
Interview with the "senpai" group, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Nojima Hirofumi, Eguchi Takuya

I crush on all 3 of you kthx


And a quick note on other fronts, will be updating Majinken! with some game reviews in the coming weeks, months, etc~
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