Splash (splash) wrote,

Inazuma Eleven Magazine posters

As of July 15, 2012, I will no longer be providing scans of poster images on Too Many Penguins!. It has come to my attention that disrespectful people on facebook, tumblr and the like are posting my images with the watermark literally cut off. These people apparently don’t understand the difference between media creations and outright stealing. Lamers.

But I do know a small, fair amount of people ARE using the images with common sense, so I will still be providing them through a filtered friends list on LJ... through this gallery. I've already added onkei_kun and jpwong to this list since we blab about Inazuma most together and I know they won't do anything fishy with the images. Any other friends are free to poke me for access! I'm going to be reallllllly paranoid about them this time though, so if you haven't talked to me much I might question your intentions... talk me through. :|

You're also free to PM me on IRC about it IF I KNOW YOU IN A POSITIVE LIGHT ALREADY.
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