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[talk] Anime impression start of spring 2012

I want more time to myself (and with cat) to just... be by myself (and with cat) >_>; Missing the days when I could just bum out casually with Leanne and Kris and such~ roll around gorogoro'ing. Best laughs of life ever.

But it's been a while, so dropping off this~

[anime impression]
Stuff that ended (or is ending) for Spring 2012 season:
Bakuman 2 - Corny and scripted as a manga about making manga, I still enjoy it and it does inspire me anyway. XD; Looking forward to season 3!

Black Rock Shooter - Hype hype yada yada. I wanted some actual yuri action if I'm going to watch an all-girls anime. XD;;; The 3D cel animation reallllly freaked me out at first, but after I got used to it, it was kind of cool. Still. Needed some yuri.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys) - Diamond in the rough. I'm keeping this one. 12 episodes was not enough!!!

Gintama' - \o/ Still my favorite thing going on Shounen Jump. But with all deep honesty, I was getting tired of the escalation of turd and vomit jokes in this season. Need moarrrr video game parodies. Well, there's always more opportunity when (and I'm certain it's when and not just "if") it comes back, w00000t. Favorite serious arc in the 51 eps was the one involving Otose, and the Sket Dance collab was probably the most amusing ep for me. Mmm, one of these days I'll probably rewatch and re-evaluate what was most amusing. XD;

Guilty Crown - This was quite an enjoyable jet-coaster ride. It truly felt like a fantastic visual novel put into great animation, keeping the aural experience intact and all that good stuff. The actual visual novel (spin-off) is coming later, but I'm just speaking with my memory of such others like Lamento. Production IG did just such wonderful job for this 22-ep series. I wish they did more of this kind of thing for Tales. :V

Inu x Boku SS - Nakamura Yuuichi ni moehagetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I blame this series that has lit my fire for Ren/Takuya from Danball Senki even though the pairings are COMPLETELY different in every way whatsoever. All you, Youkyan...! ;;

Mirai Nikki - The one yandere I approve of thus far \o/ I marathoned the manga early one when I started watching this. Still an enjoyable watch \o/

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi - May there be a 5th season and ever more \o/

New Prince of Tennis - 13 episodes of mostly filler training camp? This was such a waste of getting a TV timeslot. XD;; Also, the ENTIRE premise of "jr. high schoolers" vs. "high schoolers" was totally unconvincing when just about every guy there looks at least 25. Oh well, it's still fine with me since I just casually watch. XD;

Shakugan no Shana Final - I'm gonna marathon this one of these days. Why I haven't done so already is because I don't care for the random plethora of new characters that sprouted out in this final chapter of the story. Just gimme that Yuuji/Shana *shot*

Other stuff I need to marathon from this season - Chihayafuru, Another, Brave 10... god will I ever make time to watch these, as much as I really want to???

As for what I've picked up or what I'm still watching, mal.net~
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