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[talk] Merry Xmas~

Merry Christmas, LJers!
I see LJ finally fixed the Flexible Squares layout problem. It didn't take them half a year this time yay!... Except now their herfderf has shifted to the new comment pages. They're full of fail. FORTUNATELY my personal LJ isn't affected by it, but it sure is affected over at ryuu_rogue =_=

A. Work is keeping me busyyyy. I've basically had to narrow down the hobbies I concentrate on. Oh noes. XD; This has pretty much downed things to
1. Inazuma Eleven (GO Shine/Dark are AMAZINGGGGG)
2. gaming (especially since I spend a couple hours on transit every workday)
3. fansubbing for ryuu_rogue
4. cats (I'm bringing Lina back with me to California~ I'LL TAKE THE BEST CARE OF HER AS I CAN T___T The vet has said she has just hit retirement age at 11 years old. She's still as playful as ever though <3 I will be spoiling her with all her favorite toys on the other side of the states, including a chair she can tear up and climb around on haha =w=;; I hope she gets along with the other cats.)
5. anime/BL binging
So as I've said before, most of my blogging has moved onto other places XD;; And random fangirling spasms to the Twitter. I'll still post anime impressions and other things that don't fit anywhere else in here. XD; Speaking of which, winter anime season is about to roll in after the new year's. I have a bit of catching up to do.

B. I finally got a smartphone... Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. We've switched service to AT&T, but my phone number will still be the same. and now you can finally TEXT ME! XDD San Francisco just got a soft installment of LTE speeds earlier this month, so I hope to be able to take advantage of it. I don't really understand the 2GB data limit though (and neither does the rest of my family), whether it applies to the whole plan or per phone. So we'll just have to see when the bill comes in? XD; I don't plan to be using that internet much anyway... I shall continue to occupy my transit time with gaming.
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