Splash (splash) wrote,

LJ, fix your herfderf

Dear Livejournal,
Please fix the misery you've done to my flexible squares layout. The indent is full of herfderf and images are cutting off when they go beyond the percentage width such as this. I've also read about the misery you've done with security issues where people could access other users' accounts.

But yeah, I sent in a support ticket about it. The last time I sent one, about being unable to change my name display in profile (because of special characters that were in there before they made some changes and rendered them invalid), took them at least half a year to fix. HALF A YEAR. For something that should've taken like a minute to fix.

Optimistically speaking, back to your regular fangirling here some day. I'm pretty damn bummed about pics getting cut off so not likely anytime soon though.

I contemplate doing more fangirling over at TinierMe now that it's got public diary options?!?!?! XDDDD Although images there get cut off too if they're too wide :P Still contemplating. LJ still has a hold over me with its tag features, gallery, icons and junk. Then again, Wordpress blogs are just as functional, so that's why I've been moving my specific fangirlings to Wordpress blogs. Gaming in Majinken!, BL explorations in Fujoshi, Inazuma (well, at least news stuff) in Too Many Penguins!, etc etc.
At least ryuu_rogue hasn't been affected by LJ's derp... yet
Tags: life failures
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