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[talk] End of Summer 2011 season anime, Tales of Xillia

Yeah, I gave up posting the Twitter Weekly Updates. If you REALLY want to keep up with the weekly thing instead of just following the Twitter, they get archived on Kogetsukenbu, which was previously an empty blog just waiting for some random function like this. XD

So stuff that finished up around this month:
Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist): Somewhere towards the middle of this series, I realized Yamaguchi Ryouta did the series composition for this anime. Yes, the same one who did Digimon Savers. And it showsss, so graciously. I've missed it. The touching family aspects brought back a keen nostalgia I'll keep close in my heart forever. This anime was really good. I could say so much more, but it's really just another one of those things that has to be experienced firsthand. kokoro kara kanjite.
Natsume Yuujinchou San: I'm quite happy to hear this is getting a fourth season in January!! I wouldn't even mind waiting longer, but as long as they're doing successfully, it's all good to me. This show just deserves it sooo much. ♥
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%: Having played the games long before this anime, I'm just glad Kurahana's art wasn't terribly animated like Togainu no Chi. Well, this show was good enough to get more people familiar with the special wonders of idol seiyuu. XDDDD Mottoyattemoiizoooo.

Those three are the only ones I'll say something about. There were a few others that ended, but... dotdotdot. Really, I'm just going to start ignoring people who ask, because it's not worth the time to think in that negative pool anymore.

[tales of xillia]

Slowly developing review/ramble on Majinken

Soooooooooo effing good. I just wish it were even longerrr XD;;; That's a first I've ever said that for a Tales game, because they are usually totally awesome at being long enough to satisfy me. But this time, I fell hard for the main couple, so I never want it to endddddd. D8;
This kind of worries me since so many people are wondering if they'll make a Director's Cut version because of the feeling of "incomplete". On the other hand, they've already started development on a new title, so it's possible that they've moved on already. On ANOTHER hand, since the new title will probably be on the Vita, I think there's still a possibility they'd do something more for Xillia PS3 in the future ...Agh, even if they do, I'll succumb to the marketing ploy and get. It'd be totally worth it.
But yeah, the PS3 Tales just blow every other tales out of the water. Except Rebirth. And supposedly Destiny is great too, if just some day I'd be motivated to play the slow loading ps2.

So yeahhhhh. I'm gonna be fangirling Inazuma and Tales stuff all month (as usual).~ Final Fantasy Type-0 comes out at the end of the month too but I really doubt the story/characters will moe me as much as the Tales series, if the demo was any indication of the game's aura. XD It should be a fun game regardless though.
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