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New Inazuma Eleven GO Opening I APPROVE SO HARD

Ishido Shuuji who are youuuuuuuuuuu
I have a feeling we won't find out until the 3DS game comes out and tells the whole story, scheduled December 15! D8;;;

The ed is absolutely awesome too. I'm sure it's what led to my wonderful dream as follows XDDDD

So last night after working on Inazuma Eleven GO op/ed2, I declared I'd have sweet Inazuma dreams... D8
And these dreams always happen in my last hour before I wake up... (lately I've been waking up one hour before my alarm, needing to go the bathroom >_>)
We were at some summer camp, and I was with a friend (It was probably Yuu-chan? or else onkei XD). On the bus ride over, we met Tsurugi and Tenma! The two were getting along pretty much as they are in anime right now. Kyah, I anticipate how it will develop as the series continues. 8D;

Anyway, when we arrived at the camp site, we were all called to gathered in a big lodge for some kind of commencement assembly. There were rows of seats lined up like the graduation ceremony at the end of the original series, except the chairs were more luxurious and cushion-y. I sat around the middle area and my friend sat on the seat right of me, and we were the first ones there. A couple people in rows and rows of empty seats.

Tenma and Tsurugi showed up then, the only other people to arrive (everyone else was chatting around outside the lodge and we could hear them like murmurs). They looked really tired since the bus ride was apparently too bumpy to get any decent sleep. They decided to set next to us, with Tsurugi to my left and Tenma to his left...

And while waiting for more people to come in (which maybe they did but I didn't pay attention), Tenma fell asleep on Tsurugi's shoulder (more like his side in general), and then Tsurugi fell asleep on my shoulder..................... Such a surreal moment. I was just as moe'd about Tsurugi being RIGHT THERE as I was about Tenma sleeping on Tsurugi... errrr D8

I got to suck in the moment and then I woke up.

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