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[talk] PASH July 2011 Kaji Yuuki feature

Follow-up of the Nojima Hirofumi interview from a previous PASH issue~

Does anyone know if PASH already did one of these seiyuu features on Yoshino Hiroyuki, Shimono Hiro, Suzuki Tatsuhisa and I just missed them? D8; I'd be really interested in summarizing those...

Lolol the shorts.
Still... kekkon shiteeee *runs*

Kaji Yuuki Interview summaries:
✿ When he was a kid, he really liked chasing after big dreams. As a kid, when he thought about becoming a mangaka, all he'd do was draw, and when he thought about becoming a soccer player, all he'd do is kick around soccer balls. But he'd have this thing where he'd change dreams every 3 days so he could keep up a somewhat normal lifestyle (lol).
✿ His awareness for seiyuu came around junior high school. He liked anime and movies to begin with, but that was when he started thinking he could make a living off of working hard as a voice actor. Since then, his dream hasn't changed and he's reached the point where is now.
✿ To work towards his dream, he'd try out a lot of different works. He didn't know what EXACTLY to do, so he'd read manga and books out loud and try things out on his own. He then thought about going around auditioning during high school. By what he considers sheer luck, he got accepted in his first audition, and since then he's been able to live his dream!
✿ He was in the theatre club in high school, but there were other people in the club also aiming to become seiyuu. One day, one of them told them about a certain audition, so Kaji submitted even though it was last minute, just for the heck of it.
✿ If he hadn't been accepted for that audition, he probably would have changed his dream and given up on becoming a seiyuu... XD But he's been glad to be able to ride out the momentum to where he is now!
✿ He has thought about going to college. But back then, all he had in mind was getting a job. Nowadays he kind of longs to try out college life.
✿ Despite having such ambitions, he's actually really shy, so at his first recording session he was all shakey with his hands sweating over the script, etc (lol). He even almost thought about quitting afterwards. He'd be full of "which mic should I use?" "will I be able to say the line correctly?" "is it okay if I say 'good morning' even when it's night?" "should I pour out tea for the senpai at the studio?" until he got used to it all. He's finally getting used to it these days, but he still gets nervous, BUT he gets really happy when he gets work to do! Although his tension tends to drop from nervousness right before recording day again... XD
✿ When he has a live coming up, he gets nervous a whole month ahead of time! At the time of the interview, he had a live for G.Addict coming up (June 26), but he'd been nervous about it even before Golden Week. It goes to the point that by the time it's within a week, he's able to shrug off the nervousness and go "just gotta do it".
✿ Now he gets to balance out "What he wants to do" "What he CAN do" and "What he hopes to do" while continuing to put his best out there.
✿ Some people think the most fun part about being a seiyuu is getting to do the roles, while others get their kick out of who'll be the audience for the work, and Kaji puts himself in the latter category. He really hopes that people who see the works that he's in say that those works "are fun"... "are moving". That would be his motivation. For example, he's really happy when people hear him in a role that they're not used to and go "That was great!"
✿ Kaji thinks of his work as something like a pipe that connects him to the world around him, as it occupies a major part of his life and he can't imagine what he'd be doing without it now.
✿ He had a period where race cars were really popular, so he wanted to be a pro race car driver for a while, and a hyper yoyo pro... and when he read manga to want to become a mangaka, he'd think about doing a samurai manga like Rurouni Kenshin, or a detective work like Detective Conan... he even thought about becoming a superhero of some sort (lol). When he wanted to become a soccer player, he'd stop thinking there was any importance in studying. But then his parents would get mad at him for not studying, so then he'd decide that if he was going to study, he should get a job that had to do with his studies. He just LIKED wanting to become something. It may have very well led to his reasons for being an actor.
✿ He was president of the student council in junior high school, since his teachers and friends pushed him into being the candidate for it :o But in actuality, all of office-like work was done by the Vice pres, and he'd be more of just an authoritative figure. Probably because he just seemed the type who was easy to strike up a conversation with (lol). Even back then, he was happy that he was someone "people can rely on".
✿ During the interview, he realized that he'd try so hard at things so that people would compliment him for it. As a kid, he loved being complimented, but also hated having people get angry at him or getting embarrassed, so he'd avoid anything that would lead to that. At work, it's always the "keep one foot outside the door" concept with him, so even if he wants to go all out with something, he always tells himself to keep the tension down one step. So sometimes he comes out as super serious at odd times.
✿ Rather than react immediately, he takes note of his surroundings beforehand. He reads the atmosphere! (lol)
✿ In the theatre club, instead of "captain" he aimed to become the "ace". Rather than put things into words, he preferred to show through action. They also had public performances. He doesn't get as nervous when he has a role to act on-stage since he knows exactly how it goes, but on a stage where he has to show the best of his actual self, it's on a much more difficult level for him.
✿ He doesn't have any strong hobbies at the moment, but taking photos is a past-time he enjoys. He has a tendency to get bored of things easily. Like he'd be really excited to lay out a drawing picture and decide the designs, but to actually color it in, he'd get tired of it (lol). But with photos, he can select the layout he's looking for and with one click of the shutter, he's got his work done. So he prefers lighter hobbies like that.
✿ He usually takes pictures of the sky, flowers, scenery, unique buildings... not people as much. For people, he'd want to go out into the countryside and take pics of the elderly there, or go overseas. He normally carries a small camera in him in his travel bag. He only takes out his larger camera on days when he commits to take pictures, and even then he ends up keeping it stored in his SD card for long periods.
✿ On his days off, he'll go out to take pictures, or just check over scripts and materials. When he goes out to do things like shop for new clothes or check out stores, whole days go by in a flash. He ends up getting really self-conscious when store associates come up to him: "Let me take my own time to pick!" (lol). By the time he gets back home late at night, he ends up wishing he'd spent more time just relaxing.
✿ He says he has the tendency to fall in love at first sight. Back in kindergarten, he'd gotten "engaged" with his teacher (lol). And when a transfer student came in, they were suddenly rivals for the teacher! Although they ended up becoming good friends at the end.
✿ He likes girls who can read the atmosphere. "Can read the atmosphere" = "smart". Also girls who can think out of the box and have good sense.
✿ For romance movies, he likes "Solanin" (2010) because of the drama between dreams and reality that unfolds within it. If it were to be made into an anime, he definitely wants a role in it.
✿ Future goals: 26 years old. He says he's not as young anymore so he wants to step up his challenges. First would be the June 26 G.Addict live, since lives are something on a higher level for him to keep working on~

Questionnaire translation:
1. First thing that comes to mind at the word "summer": Love
2. You see a falling star! What's your wish?: "How pretty..." I wouldn't make it in time...
3. Favorite place?: Home
4. If you were a power ranger, what would your color be? Final move?: Red. A combination move with 5 + 1 people
5. Favorite motto: 案陰運緑恩 (an in un en on. Help on this? XD Right now I'm just going to conclude it as some pronunciation practice variation of aiueo)
6. Something you always carry with you: Toy Digi Cam
7. Ideal type of female talent: Miyazaki Aoi
8. Nickname when you were little: Kacchan
9. First thing you wash when showering: Hair
10. Something you've messed up with recently: Feet blisters
11. If you had a week vacation, what would you do?: Travel through Europe
12. If you were reborn, what would you want to be?: A girl
13. Your treasure?: Voice
14. What's your fetish?: Sense
15. Favorite color? White and rainbows
16. Something you'd recommend to everyone?: Solanin (Available with subs for ourhour members btw)
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